Signage & Controls

Signage Guidelines

  • If provided, do signs designating permanent rooms and spaces where goods and services are provided comply with the following requirements for such signage?
    • Mounted with centerline 60 inches from the floor
    • Should be mounted on the wall adjacent to latch-side of door, or as close as possible
    • Sign should have raised characters and Braille, sized between 0.625 inches and 2 inches high, with high contrast
    • If a pictogram is used, it must be accompanied by raised characters and Braille
  • If mounted about 80 inches, do they have letters at least 3 inches high with high contrast and a non-glare finish?
  • Do directional and informational signs comply with legibility requirements? (Note: Building directories or temporary signs need not comply.)

Controls Guidelines

  • Are all controls that are available for use by the public (including electrical, mechanical, cabinet, game, and self-service controls) located at an accessible height?
  • Are they operable with a closed fist?

More Information

For additional information regarding these guidelines, please contact the Building Inspections Department at (918) 358-3506.