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Beer/Liquor Licenses

Before a business can be approved for a City of Cleveland beer and liquor license, they must present their State of Oklahoma liquor license to the City Clerk at:
105 W Caddo Street
Cleveland , OK 74020

According to the Cleveland Municipal Code, Section 3.103-3.106, the City of Cleveland shall levy an annual occupation tax upon each business enterprise with the City of Cleveland, Oklahoma, which engages in the sale of alcoholic beverages, whether said beverages are sold for consumption on the premises or off the premises.  Occupational Taxes expire on April 30th of each year.  Alcohol sales are prohibited in this city until the occupation tax has been paid in full to the City Clerk and a receipt issued.


The City of Cleveland fees are as follows:

  • Package Store Retailer: $100/yearly
  • Mixed Beverage: $250/yearly
  • Bottle Club: $250/yearly
  • Exempt Service Organization: $125/yearly
  • Special Event per day: $25/Day